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At Armor Shine Detailing LLC, we're dedicated to providing the highest standard of auto detailing. We specializing in exotic, luxury, classic cars, motorcycles, RV's, boats and daily drivers, with services ranging from hand washing, shampooing or interior steam cleaning, headlight restoration, paint restoration, coatings and more.

Our mission is to consistently provide quality service, workmanship to our clients and most of all educate you the customer on the continued care of your vehicle. We pride ourselves on customer service and positive experiences. Whether you have a daily driver or a garage queen, our highly trained and certified detailing technicians will provide a level of care suited for you and your vehicle.

About Armor Shine Detailing

Armor Shine Detailing is an automotive detailing company founded by Jose Reese. Jose is an auto technologist, enthusiast and is responsible for water conservation and significant reductions in chemicals using the latest innovative steam technology.

We use hand washing and waxing, sealants or ceramic coatings to restore your automobile exteriors to like new beauty and increase its value. Detail packages are created by you the customer, to build towards your vehicles individual needs and budget.

Our Services


We specialize in cars, motorcycles, boats and RV's

Scratch Removal

The process requires the removal of mils of clear coat of the vehicle's paint by either compounding, wet sanding or a combinations of both.

Paint Correction

The art of removing defects (i.e. scratches, holograms, etc.) and bringing your vehicle's paint back to its max potential without repainting the vehicle.

Wet Sanding

The process of utilizing sandpaper to remove mils of the vehicle clear coat to ultimately remove a defect in the vehicle's paint.

Steam Cleaning

The safe removal of stains from the vehicle's interior with minimal to no chemical usage, with steam.

Stain Removal

The process of either utilizing chemical, steam or an extractor, and in some cases a combination of all. This process is not always 100% as anything but brings the surface back to its max potential, without replacing it.

Engine Cleaning

The process of degreasing the vehicle's engine and bringing it back to its max potential or like new state.

Head Light Restoration

The process of sanding and resurfacing the lense and coating/protecting the lense so it doesn't return in a short period. Offering optimum clarity and vision.

Wash and Wax Exterior

Cleaning the vehicle utilizing the appropriate soap for the job (Some vehicles don't require soap with wax, if its being corrected and coated).

Clay Bar

The process of utilizing a clay bar, mitt or disc to exfoliate the paint and remove rail dust, tree sap, bird droppings, road tar and etc. This is also, utilized to prepare the paint for the correction of the paint/buffing.


The process of removing stains from the vehicles headliner. This process varies depending severity of the job/stain and entails but not limited to chemicals or steam cleaning.


Our Price List


All prices may vary, based on the condition of the vehicle/paint


Stage 1 Paint Correction (Car)


Stage 2 Paint Correction (Car)


Stage 3 Paint Correction (Car)


Stage 1 Paint Correction (Truck/SUV)


Stage 2 Paint Correction (Truck/SUV)


Stage 3 Paint Correction (Truck/SUV)


Wash & Wax (Car)


Wash & Wax (Truck)

Full Detail (Car)

Full Detail (Truck)


Shampoo Interior


Steam Clean Interior

$150 Per Panel

Wet Sanding

$75 Per Panel

Minor Scratch Removal


Engine Detail


Headlight Restoration


Leather Treatment


Polymer Sealant

$150 & Up

Coating (Car)

$250 & Up

Coating (Truck/SUV)


Clay Bar

What Our Clients Say



Thank you so much sir I am very pleased with the work you've done. I will definitely be recommending you in the future. VERY professional and great work.



My 2017 Hellcat was scratched pretty bad and after recieving their Stage 1 paint correction and 2 coats of ceramic coating. My car literally looks like it has come straight out of the paint booth and it black. That speaks volumes about the quality of work these guys provide.



I'm the owner of a 2009 Nissian Titan. If you live in the Yuma, AZ area and need paint correction or auto detailing look no further. I was fortunate enough to find these gentlemen. The before and after results, spoke for themselves.



Jose, I wanted to tell you again that I'm really please on the job you did with my ZR1 Corvetter. It really looks a lot hell of a lot better. You put a ton of effort into it and I'm very pleased with the results. We will do another, especially if it holds up as well as you say it does. I definitely want to take you up on hearing how we can do a better job of washing and caring for our cars. Obviously, we have a image and view that I want to keep in good shape. Again, thank you for you efforts and I hope you can be available to do another car in the near future.

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